When I was younger, I was stuck on the problem of figuring out how to spend my time.

As a starting point, I aimed to identify north stars to chase after, and then reverse engineered a trajectory to get to them. This mostly worked, but as my worldview expanded, I found myself attracted to many big ideas. Neither identifying my top picks, nor effectively combining them into single interdisciplinary goals, seemed possible.

It took me several years to understand that the root cause of this selection process' difficulty was the finite nature of my life. If I could live forever, I would work on all of them, so it became immediately obvious that enabling myself and others to live healthier and for longer would be a fulfilling mission to pursue.

I now focus my time and effort towards this cause. I aim to add healthy years to all of our lifespans, while also maximizing quality of life within that time interval. Participation in a unified scientific, technological, and business arena will be most productive towards achieving this at scale.

On the scientific and technological fronts, a fully-integrated approach comprised of theory, computation, experiments, and engineering will be necessary. None are completely productive without the others.

On the business front, existing frameworks, practices, and markets will likely be disrupted to accomodate novel paradigms of human health.